Sustainable roads and cities

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Congestion and reliability review
AusRoads, Australia, 14/12/16

Identifies the current and possible future causes and solutions for congestion, including the impact of increasing urban populations and new technologies.

Building sustainable transport futures for the Mexico City area
Oxford University, UK, 11/08/16

To encourage the uptake of sustainable transport futures in cities, policy interventions should focus on coordination and consensus building measures.

Transport demand, harmful emissions, environment and health benefits in China
Jinan University, Guangzhou, China, 29/07/16

The increasing travel demands of Chinese residents have led to rising air pollution, and alternative means of transport to the car must made more widely available to reduce environmental deterioration and health losses.

The impact of congestion on bus passengers
Greener Journeys, UK, 02/06/16

Traffic congestion has had a radical effect on bus journey times and if left unchecked could lead to the loss of the bus sector in the UK.

Indicator-based evaluation of sustainable transport plans: A framework for Paris and other large cities
Queensland University, Australia, 06/06/16

An evaluation of the effectiveness of sustainable transport plans in Paris and other major cities has been published by Queensland University, Australia.

People Power: walking and cycling on agenda at Paris Climate event
FIA Foundation, 7/12/15

Encouraging a shift from driving to walking and cycling could halve the carbon emissions from urban passenger transport by 2050.

Interview with ‘Gridlock Sam’ Schwartz
New York, USA 1/11/15

Young people are driving less, and so the future of the city is changing, argues a book by the former Commissioner for Transport of New York City.

A research agenda for low carbon mobility: Issues for ‘new world’ cities
School of Natural and Built Environments, University of South Australia 16/10/15

A research agenda for low-carbon travel in cities with sprawling suburbs originally designed for car use.

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